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The Australian Sports Foundation

The Australian Sports Foundation Ltd (ASF) was established in 1986 to raise funds for the development of sport in Australia. The ASF is a Commonwealth Company governed by the PGPA Act and is not a subsidiary of the ASC.

Section 48(a) of the ASC Act requires that the ASC’s annual report must specify the financial transactions and the state of affairs of the ASF.

In 2019–20, the ASF prepared and published an Annual Report in line with PGPA Act requirements. Details of the ASF operations and a range of financial and performance information can be found in the ASF’s Annual Report and have not been reproduced here.

For copies of the ASF Annual Report, refer to the foundation’s website www.asf.org.au or contact the distributions officer:

Australian Sports Foundation

Leverrier St Bruce ACT 2617 PO Box 176


Tel: 02 6214 7868

info [at] asf.org.au (Email: )