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Planning & Accountability

The ASC’s planning and accountability approach supports the organisation to effectively deliver outcomes and meet legislative responsibilities as set out in the PGPA Act and the ASC Act.

The ASC planning and reporting framework is based on the principle of continuous improvement and the requirements set out in the PGPA Act and ASC Act. Key elements of the ASC planning and reporting framework include the annual cycle of planning, an enterprise-wide approach to performance reporting and annual external reporting through the Annual Performance Statements.

The Corporate Plan is our primary planning document and covers a rolling four-year period. This is complemented by the Portfolio Budget Statements, division planning and the employee performance management framework.

Reporting against progress and performance measures occurs internally and externally. Reporting allows the Board, management and staff to monitor progress towards achieving our organisational objectives, the range of work delivered and impacts for the Australian public. Internal reporting, including Board and Executive-level dashboards, bring together relevant organisational performance results, operational data and organisational health and financial information. These reports are designed to aid in decision-making and provide an enterprise-level view of performance. External reporting is addressed through the Annual Performance Statements and the Annual Report.