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Environment and heritage

The ASC Environmental Management System is based on the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems (ISO 1401:2004). It comprises policy objectives, targets and procedures for monitoring and review. A fundamental goal of the ASC’s Environmental Policy is to comply with Australian Government environmental policies, initiatives and legislative requirements.

During 2019–20, the ASC continued to monitor its energy and water usage and implemented specific environmental initiatives. Key activities included:

  • Continued LED lighting upgrades as part of project work or end of life replacement, to install energy efficient LED light fittings and improve lighting controls.
  • Continued monitoring of water, gas and electricity usage.
  • Continued identification as an accredited recycler by ACTSmart.
  • Ongoing operation of the organic waste recycling program, which is breaking down 1,000kg of waste per week across four worm farms.
  • Improved waste infrastructure to assist in waste segregation and minimise contamination of waste streams.
  • Introduction of E-Waste and battery hazardous waste to the Sport Australia/AIS waste streams.
  • Continued staff and visitor waste education to highlight the high volume diversion of waste through nine waste streams, with overall waste to landfill now at 29.7 per cent.

The ASC continued to enhance its capability to identify and manage its buildings and artefacts of heritage or cultural significance. In 2019–20, the ASC:

  • Continued operation of the Heritage and Culture Committee to oversee the ASC’s heritage commitments.
  • Continued to review and add items to the ASC Heritage Collection.
  • Continued publishing the online history of AIS scholarship holders.
  • Held a Remembrance Day presentation of the historical Kings Cup for rowing, as well as adding a copy of the history of the Kings Cup to the heritage collection.
  • Held a multi-sports day to celebrate Indigenous culture and reconciliation under the Reconciliation Action Plan.
  • Carried out maintenance on the statues and static displays.

No property with heritage value was acquired or disposed of during 2019–20.