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Site management

The ASC operates facilities, residential services and other activities for high-performance programs at the AIS Canberra campus. The campus is also used by a variety of community, sporting and commercial groups and is a popular national attraction for visitors. The ASC also operates strategic sports training facilities at Pizzey Park (Gold Coast) and at Varese in Italy and operates from leased premises in Melbourne and Sydney.

In 2019–20, the ASC continued to work with Government to develop options for new infrastructure to ensure that the AIS can meet its obligations under the NHPSS to lead the high-performance system to be a source of Australian sporting pride, inspiration and international success. The modernisation of the AIS project was included within the Infrastructure Australia National Priority Initiative in 2020. This is independent validation by a Government infrastructure advisory body of the need for further investment in infrastructure and technology to ensure that the AIS becomes a world-leader again in sport and will inspire generations of Australians in the future.

Site operations continued to operate in increasingly ageing facilities with a focus on safety, compliance and meeting high-performance sport outcomes. Critical infrastructure decision- making is being considered in conjunction with the likely long-term functionality of each of the assets. In 2019–20, the ASC undertook several key facility refurbishment projects in line with our strategic direction, including:

Completed projects:

  • Procurement and engagement of contractors for the replacement of mechanical systems for the Testing and Training Pool/Recovery Centre and Multi Sports Hall and Visitor Centre, with construction work leading up to the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games.
  • Large LED lighting upgrade program to facilities.
  • Aluminium composite panels to the facade of the Residence of Champions.
  • Replacement of lift in the Administration Spine building.
  • Detailed design and procurement for new amenities for the basketball centre and engagement of contractor.

Commenced Projects:

  • Upgrade of air handling units in the Residence of Champions.
  • Completed detailed design and procurement for replacement of AIS rowing amenities to fit-for-purpose standards and construction commenced.

Our Operations - Electricity consumption 2019-20 Graph showing electricity consumption from 2009-10 to 2019-20
Our Operations - Water consumption 2019-20 Graph showing water consumption from 2009-10 to 2019-20
Our Operations - Gas consumption 2019-20 Graph showing gas consumption from 2009-10 to 2019-20