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About us

Sport Australia

Our purpose

Sport Australia contributes to improving the health and wellbeing of Australians and making communities stronger through sport and physical activity.

How we operate

Sport Australia plays a central leadership role across the broader sport and physical activity sector, building collaboration, alignment and effectiveness. Sport Australia promotes and supports the development of a cohesive and effective national sport sector that creates opportunities for all Australians to participate and excel in sport.

The role of Sport Australia continues to evolve through taking a whole of sector view, understanding the systems in which we operate — both here and overseas, and by identifying the challenges and trends impacting the operation of the sport sector. We deliver our work in conjunction with our partners across the sport industry — sporting organisations, peak bodies, the Office for Sport and other Australian Government agencies, physical activity providers, as well as business and other sectors. We champion the value of sport, across Governments and the broader community.

Sport Australia invests in a wide range of national sporting organisations (NSOs) and national sporting organisations for people with a disability (NSODs) to empower the organisations to get Australians moving more often. The investments are targeted, through the use of data and assessments, to those organisations who are best placed to assist Sport Australia deliver on its purpose. In addition to providing funding, Sport Australia is focused on improving the capacity and capability of NSOs to create a sustainable and cohesive national sport sector.

Australian Institute of Sport

Our purpose

The purpose of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is to build sustainable winning systems for Australian athletes.

How we operate

In 2018–19, the AIS launched a new strategy, investment framework and operating model to ensure that it has a singular focus on high performance and can fulfil its role as a high performance system leader. The AIS works in partnership with the NIN, and NSOs as well as other key partners such as the Australian Olympic Committee, Australian Paralympic Committee and Commonwealth Games Australia. Decision making is collaborative, informed and transparent, and aimed at achieving strategic outcomes.

The AIS is responsible for high performance funding allocations, national programs, research and innovation, and along with the ACT Academy of Sport, for Canberra-based high performance services. The AIS drives and enables success in part through the strategic and transparent allocation of total integrated resources through collaborative, evidence and principles based investment in sports and athletes. This investment approach is designed to optimise sustainable performance outcomes.

The AIS leads the Australian high performance sport system, which has an agreed vision and success factors reflected in the national sport plan, Sport 2030 and in the National High Performance Sport Strategy 2024.