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A new era for sports integrity in Australia

ASADA (and its predecessor the Australian Sports Drug Agency (ASDA)) has a long and proud history of serving the nation as its anti-doping agency. This will be continued under Sport Integrity Australia. The opening of Sport Integrity Australia, in addition to enhanced powers, positions it to build on this proud history.

Sport Integrity Australia will use the lessons learned from ASADA, ASDA, and domestic and international partners to collectively build the capabilities of sports to effectively manage integrity threats and protect the rights of Australian athletes at whatever level they participate and whatever goals they are striving to achieve.

Sport Integrity Australia will implement the revised World Anti-Doping Code that will come into effect on 1 January 2021. The Code and International Standards are the fundamental and universal documents upon which the world anti-doping program in sport is based. The 2021 Code introduces 2 new International Standards for Education and Results Management.

We look forward to next year’s postponed Tokyo Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games and will continue to work alongside the Australian Olympic Committee and Paralympics Australia to ensure Australian athletes receive anti-doping education and are aware of their rights and responsibilities in relation to anti-doping.