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C: Workplace health and safety

ASADA was strongly committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of all its staff.

ASADA’s workplace health and safety (WHS) management arrangements, along with a comprehensive suite of WHS policies and guidelines, were accessible to its staff and formed a key component of the employee induction program.

The agency’s WHS Committee met quarterly, ensuring a proactive approach to the health and safety of all staff.

ASADA implemented early intervention strategies to provide staff with the best possible opportunity to recover and effectively participate in the work environment.

The agency provided programs promoting health and wellbeing to ongoing and non-ongoing staff, including influenza vaccinations and access to an employee assistance program.

During 2019–20, the following WHS actions were taken:

  • Comcare presentation – to Staff on WHS – creating a positive working environment and how it related to them.
  • ASADA Fatigue Management Policy and hand-washing procedure modification – developed and implemented the ASADA Fatigue Management Policy and modified the hand-washing procedure for athletes who use catheters following feedback received through the Australian Sports Drug Medical Advisory Committee.
  • Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) – contract renewal for EAP provider was finalised.
  • Pandemic – a Pandemic Policy was developed, approved by the WHS Committee and implemented.
  • Air Quality – An Air Quality Policy was developed in response to the ongoing bushfire season.
  • Influenza vaccinations – were offered to staff via in-house clinic in the Canberra office, or a voucher to take to Priceline Pharmacies across Australia.
  • Workstation assessments – were performed on all staff moving into the new Canberra office, along with assessments conducted for remote staff working from home.
  • A defibrillator – was purchased and training organised for a number of Canberra office staff.
  • Return to work rehabilitation plan – has been implemented for staff on workers compensation, along with Field Staff required to go through return-to-work procedures before returning to work after sickness or injury.

There was one notifiable incident and no investigations conducted during the reporting period under part 10 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. No Provisional Improvement Notices were issued.