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During 2020–21, ASD adhered to the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) and associated policy and guidelines. ASD continued to use its two professional services panels to meet the majority of its contractor capability delivery and support requirements.

In accordance with the CPRs, ASD made use of whole-of-government and coordinated procurement arrangements, with a particular focus on the purchase of equipment and systems through the DTA. ASD also leveraged Department of Defence procurement mechanisms where these offered economy-of-scale benefits to both parties.

ASD’s procurement compliance was reviewed by management and reported to ASDARC during 2020–21. No significant issues have been identified and compliance was acceptable during the reporting period.

Internal audits conducted in 2019–20 identified opportunities for improvements to ASD’s procurement capability in terms of training and competency, delegation framework and ensuring and overall risk-based approach be adopted in establishing procurement arrangements. These recommendations were implemented during 2020–21.