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Asset management

As at 30 June 2021, ASD had $992.3 million (net book value) of assets under its control, including:

  • $277.5 million of plant and equipment
  • $402.7 million of buildings and infrastructure
  • $64.8 million of intangibles
  • $0.2 million of heritage assets
  • $247.1 million of other items, including cash, receivables and prepayments.

This asset portfolio directly contributes to the achievement of ASD’s mission and is a critical enabler for the organisation.

ASD’s unique requirement to efficiently procure, rapidly deploy and effectively manage complex assets continues to be a priority for the organisation. ASD’s asset management framework has been reviewed and improved this financial year to ensure it is consistent with best practice standards and remains in line with Australian Accounting Standards. ASD assets are valued at fair value.