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Portfolio management

The Portfolio Management Office is an essential element in ASD's planning and performance framework and is continuing to consolidate and embed best practice capability.

The Portfolio Management Office's core focus is to ensure that the organisation's strategic intent remains aligned with organisational governance and with ASD investment priorities. The Portfolio Management Office continues to work closely with ASD's three System Program Offices to monitor the achievement, health and relevance of projects within ASD's investment portfolio.

This financial year has seen the publishing of an on-demand, interactive version of the portfolio register. This encompasses the direction outlined in the portfolio governance framework and is in line with a staged implementation of portfolio management within ASD, which will enable progress towards increased maturity. The financial and supporting data collected in the portfolio register will be expanded over time to assist the continued delivery of portfolio management functions, and will include elements such as benefits management, risk and issue management, prioritisation and dependency management. This will enable the organisation to make informed investment decisions on new and existing priority work such as initiatives, projects or programs within the organisation.

The Portfolio Management function has recently been restructured to more cohesively deliver on capability delivery assurance.