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ASD undertakes its missions in accordance with sound, risk-based security practices that protect the organisation's most important equities and are attuned to the sensitivity of the functions and activities being performed. ASD is also a shared-service provider of security services to the Defence Intelligence Agencies.

Through 2020–21, ASD met its mandatory security obligations under the PSPF. ASD matured its protective security arrangements by establishing an agency security plan; modernising internal processes, policies and capabilities; and defining a Security and Integrity Framework. ASD's Security and Integrity Framework is a critical tool in shaping the behaviour of ASD's staff. The framework enables ASD to undertake its mission in accordance with sound, risk-based practices and supports its obligations under the PGPA Act and the PSPF.

Security and integrity training provides a strong foundation for reinforcing the importance of a sound security posture and culture. This is done through a mandatory training suite and iterative security-awareness raising and education programs tailored to the workforce.