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ASD's performance

ASD's 2019–20 Corporate Plan focused on three core activities: foreign signals intelligence, cyber security services and offensive cyber operations. Figure 2 sets out these activities, and the associated measure and benefit.

In 2019–20, ASD continued to mature its performance framework, including progressing the establishment of enterprise key performance indicators to guide activities and performance. As ASD has reconsidered its approach to performance oversight, including the effectiveness and practicality of selected methodologies, these key performance indicators and associated performance measures were not in place at the conclusion of this reporting period. Due to the operational impact of the COVID‑19 pandemic, ASD also did not launch an external senior-level customer survey during this reporting period. Performance has therefore been assessed using the existing performance criteria and assessment methods identified in the 2019–20 Corporate Plan.

ASD reports regularly on mission-related activities to the Office of National Intelligence (ONI). Further, ASD provides full classified financial reporting to the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) through the annual audit of its financial statements. ASD activities are also subject to independent and external review through the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, with the ANAO also able to conduct audits on any finance and performance matter.

As ASD matured its performance framework it has continued to develop a performance reporting regime to ensure ongoing accountability and transparency of all ASD’s activities including those in classified channels. In 2018–19, ASD noted its intent to produce a separate classified report. This was achieved through the annual classified submission to the PJCIS on administration and expenditure. The ASD Annual Report and its classified submission to the PJCIS meet ASD’s reporting obligations under both the PGPA Act and ISA.

ASD has committed to building its organisational governance capacity to improve its ability to implement an effective performance framework. Due to the nature of ASD’s work, some performance measures will continue to be reported through existing performance frameworks in classified channels.

Figure 2: ASD's Performance Activities  foreign signals intelligence; cyber security and offensive cyber operations. Each of these activities is mapped to a measure and a benefit, with the target that our stakeholders value our unique and timely insights that enable their missions.