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In 2019–20, ASD applied the CPRs and Department of Finance and Department of Defence guidance relating to the categorisation, selection and engagement of consultants. ASD entered into four new consultancy contracts involving total actual expenditure of $567,573. No additional consultancy contracts were active during the period.

In support of its establishment as a statutory agency, ASD engaged consultants to provide independent and expert advice on a range of functional areas that are key to ASD's successful operation, including management support and advisory services, and human resource services.

In accordance with the CPRs, details of all of these contracts have been reported on AusTender.

Number of and expenditure on consultants (2019-2020)


No. of New contracts entered into during the period


Total actual expenditure during the period on new contracts (inc. $GST)


No. of Ongoing contracts engaging consultants that were entered into during a previous period


Total actual expenditure during the period on ongoing contracts (inc. $GST)