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ASD undertakes its missions in accordance with sound, risk-based security practices that protect the organisation's most important equities, and are attuned to the sensitivity of the functions and activities being performed. ASD is also a shared service provider of security assurance to the Defence Intelligence Agencies.

Through 2019–20, ASD met its mandatory security obligations under the PSPF, including providing its inaugural PSPF report as a statutory agency to the Minister for Defence and the Attorney-General.

ASD's security framework is a critical factor in shaping the behaviour of ASD's staff. This framework enables ASD to undertake its mission in accordance with sound, risk-based practices and supports obligations under the PGPA Act and the PSPF. Security training provides a strong foundation for reinforcing the importance of a sound security posture and culture through a suite of mandatory training and iterative security-awareness raising and education programs tailored to the workforce.