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Fraud control and management

ASIO has zero tolerance for fraudulent behaviour. ASIO treats both suspected and actual fraud seriously and takes all reasonable steps to prevent, detect and deal with fraudulent behaviour. The ASIO Fraud Control Plan 2019–21 documents our approach to fraud awareness, prevention, detection, reporting and investigation, and our commitment to ensuring efficient, effective and ethical use of resources— including the information and data we collect as well as the resources received from government. Our fraud prevention measures are in line with the Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework.

During the reporting period, we conducted a fraud risk assessment and reviewed the ASIO Fraud Control Plan 2019–21 to address identified risks. As part of this framework, all staff must complete mandatory eLearning on ethics and accountability, including modules on fraud, every three years.

The ASIO Fraud Strategy Statement 2019–21 (www.asio.gov.au/asio-fraud-strategy-statement.html) provides further information on our fraud control and management arrangements.