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Key mission 4: Protective security advice - Shape

Key Mission 4: Protective security advice - Shape Protective security advice including text as follows 'We provide Australian governments, law enforcement and industry with intelligence and advice to enable better decision-making in relation to security responses, policies and priorities, including warning of emerging and imminent threats. 2019-20 Result ACHIEVED

During the reporting period, our physical protective security advice and services continued to inform and shape the protective security approach of national security partners, government bodies and industry. We released another eight security managers guides on our Outreach website—a subscription-based portal disseminating unclassified reporting,

and domestic and international security advice. We were also instrumental in helping government and private sector stakeholders deal with physical security– related issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. We provided practical advice in updated security managers guides and security equipment guides published on the Outreach website and the GovTEAMS website.

We also provided Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) assistance and advice to government agencies.This included TSCM inspections (commonly referred to as ‘sweeps’) of government facilities and other client premises to protect security-classified or sensitive discussions, information and activities from technical compromise. In addition, we provided TSCM assurance to multi-agency missions for new and existing overseas government facilities.