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Key mission 3: Border integrity, including people smuggling - Build

Performance objective Key Mission 3 text including text as follows 'We provide Australian governments, law enforcement and industry with intelligence and advice to enable better decision making in relation to security responses, policies and priorities, including warning of emerging and imminent threats. 2019-20 result ACHIEVED.

We worked with stakeholders to build their national security capabilities in visa assessment, and to reduce pressure on these agencies when seeking ASIO guidance on security assessments, in the following ways.

  • We worked collaboratively with stakeholders to enhance visa- screening arrangements that were placing considerable pressure on ASIO and partner agencies. This has been a multi-year process to develop stakeholder capability, with agencies progressing towards a more efficient alternative process. In the interim, we have implemented a number of measures to reform the current process, including providing training and advice to stakeholders.
  • We continued our successful work with partners in Operation Sovereign Borders to investigate and counter serious threats to Australia’s territorial and border integrity. We advised on— and contributed to—Operation Sovereign Borders information requirements, including through our work with community partners.
  • Our reporting provided security advice on the impact of changes in government policy and the onset of COVID-19 on community sentiment about the prospects of irregular migration ventures.

Key stakeholder feedback highlighted their appreciation of our collaborative approach in engaging with them, and the relevance of our advice.