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At a glance

At a glance

Director-General's Review

The threats of terrorism, espionage and foreign interference recognise no borders. They are persistent, and their enduring nature means we cannot afford to rest on our successes.

Commitment to legality and propriety

ASIO must operate lawfully, in proportion to the threats we are investigating, and in line with the standards and expectations of the Australian community. We don't just do what is legal, we do what is right.

Out-thinking Australia's adversaries

We need people who can out-think and out-imaging our adversaries to achieve our mission of protecting Australia and Australians. We also need to ensure that our workforce continues to mirror the diversity of the society we serve.

Organisational Structure

ASIO's new organisational structure sets out clear lines of authority and responsibility.

Terrorism in Australia

Australia's national terrorism threat level remains at PROBABLE. The primary threat remains Sunni Islamic extremism, but other violent ideologies-such as those of the extreme right-are also of concern.

Espionage and Foreign Interference

The threat to Australia from foreign states seeking to obtain strategic advantage at the expense of Australia and its interests cannot be understated.

ASIO'S response to COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, ASIO adapted its operating model to maintain coverage of high-priority targets related to our counter-terrorism and counter-espionage and foreign interference missions


Ethical behaviour and integrity are core values of the Organisation.