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Key mission 3: Border integrity, including people smuggling - Counter

Key Mission 3: Border integrity, including people smuggling - Shape Table on Key Mission 3 performance objective - Border integrity including text as follows 'We provide Australian governments, law enforcement and industry with intelligence and advice to enable better decision-making in relation to security responses, policies and priorities, including warning of emerging and imminent threats. 2019-20 Result ACHIEVED'

We provided constructive support to government decision-making on border security during the reporting period through our contributions to stakeholders’ policy processes, and our advice that enhanced stakeholder decision-making on matters relevant to national security.

Our engagement with stakeholders helped increase their understanding of our security assessment processes, which promoted collaboration on visa security assessment issues of mutual interest.

Our advice also positively shaped stakeholder referral criteria through improved awareness of our emerging and priority areas of interest.

We provided additional advice to stakeholders on procedures for recording and processing visa applicants, with security-relevant reporting reducing unnecessary or repeat referrals for security assessment.