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Key mission 1: Counter-terrorism - Shape

Key Mission 1: Counter-terrorism - Shape  Counter terrorism -SHAPE. Text as follows 'We provide Australian governments, law enforcement and industry with intelligence and advice to enable better decision-making in relation to security responses, policies and priorities, including warning of emerging and imminent threats. 2019-20 result ACHIEVED

We achieved our objective to enable better decision-making through the provision of intelligence and advice during the reporting period, with our assessments on the terrorism threat environment continuing to be in high demand from our Commonwealth, state and territory policy, security and law enforcement partners.

During the reporting period, we published 898 intelligence and security reports on a wide range of local and international terrorism-related matters, with the following being of particular note.

  • We provided support to the High Risk Terrorist Offenders (HRTO) scheme, established in response to the substantial number of terrorism offenders scheduled for release from Australian prisons over the next five years. Our advice contributed to whole-of-government considerations under the HRTO scheme to ensure the threat posed by recent (and upcoming) releases of convicted terrorist offenders is appropriately understood and managed.
  • Our assessments on the increasing prevalence of extreme right-wing groups in Australia and overseas— including on the promulgation of online propaganda, associated indicators and international context— enabled law enforcement stakeholders to develop mitigation strategies.
  • We provided advice on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Australian security environment. This product received positive feedback from stakeholders, and was used by the Office of National Intelligence (ONI) to inform its evaluation processes.
  • We adapted product distribution processes to ensure customers could continue to access advice, including key partner agencies which had adopted work-from-home arrangements as a consequence of COVID-19.

In our role as Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Mission lead, in late 2019 we launched an updated counter-terrorism prioritisation and evaluation framework, providing clear direction on Australian counter-terrorism priorities to the National Intelligence Community (NIC).

The framework aims to ensure all counter-terrorism capabilities are directed at the highest intelligence priorities.

It also provides a means by which to measure and evaluate counter-terrorism effort, ensure maximum agility and responsiveness in a rapidly changing security environment, and guide resource allocation and capability development across the NIC. The intelligence priorities, which are formally reviewed and evaluated quarterly, are developed with multi-agency input. Stakeholders, including Australian intelligence and law enforcement partners, provided positive feedback on the launch of the updated framework.