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Case Study: Mitigating the extremist threat

A former Australia-based individual travelled overseas in December 2014. ASIO subsequently received reporting indicating that by early 2015 the individual had entered Syria and joined ISIL, received militant training, and engaged in fighting on behalf of the group. It is likely he remains in Syria.

Our investigations revealed that this individual may also be involved in financial facilitation on behalf of ISIL. We further determined that he remained in contact with his Australia-based family and associates and, through them, might have sought to raise further funds to finance ISIL activity.

In July 2019, the JCTT Canberra conducted overt enter-and-search operations under ASIO warrant relating to this individual’s Australia-based family and associates and their financial support for ISIL. Separately, ASIO shared intelligence on the individual’s activities and intentions with other Commonwealth agencies, who drew on this advice to develop mitigation activities. As a result of our—and others’—mitigation activities, this individual’s ability to raise further funds for ISIL is now limited, and their appeal to others in the community who are seeking to provide support to extremist groups overseas has been reduced.