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Letter of transmittal

Letter of Transmittal A18535815 The Hon.Peter Dutton MP Minister for Home Affairs Parliament House CANBERRA ACT 2600 Dear Minister ASIO Annual Report 2019-20 In accordance with section 46 of the Public Governance, performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act), i am pleased to present to you the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) annual report for 2019-20. This report contains information required by the PGPA Rule 2014 and section 94 of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979 (ASIO Act). In order to ensure compliance with the Determination made by the Minister for Finance under section 105D of the PGPA Act, the statements required under subsection 94(2A) of the ASIO Act relating to special intelligence operations and telecommunications data authorisations have been removed fromt he annual report tabled in Parliament in order to avoid prejudice to ASIO's activities. These statements will be separately provided to you, and as required by the ASIO Act, to the Leader of the Opposition. The statement relating to telecommunications data authorisations will also be provided to the PjCIS. As required by subsection 17AG(2) of the PGPA Rule, I certify that fraud risk assessments and control plans have been prepared for ASIO, that we have appropriate mechanisms in place for preventing, investigating, detecting and reporting incidents of fraud, and that all reasonable measures have been taken to deal appropriately with fraud. Yours Sincerely Mike Burgess