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Out-thinking Australia's adversaries

We need people who can out-think and out-imagine our adversaries to achieve our mission of protecting Australia and Australians. We also need to ensure that our workforce continues to mirror the diversity of the society we serve.

Out thinking Australia's adversaries Ina complex, challenging security environment, our success is built on the imagination and intelligence of our team. ASIO's people are ordinary Australians but they do extraordinary things-they are our most important asset. All our teams contribute to our mission. Who are the people of ASIO? ASIO staff are carers, parents, grandparents and community volunteers and come from various backgrounds, including music; teaching;geology;nursing; and science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). We are proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and second-or-third-generation Australians. We are introverted, extroverted and nuerodiverse. We are tradespeople, as well as technical, corporate and intelligence professionals. We are your neighbours and part of your community. the only difference is that we don't tell you where we work, what we do or how we do it.