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The ARC’s performance measurement framework is consistent with the requirements of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) and the Enhanced Commonwealth Performance Framework. The ARC’s performance measurement framework ensures a clear line of sight between the objectives, resources and criteria identified within the agency’s Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) and corporate plan, and the performance outcomes documented by the annual report.

Together, these 3 documents provide the ARC’s complete performance story. In addition to the ARC’s published performance information, the agency’s performance measurement framework is supported by internal planning, monitoring and reporting processes.


The ARC had one outcome and 3 programs in its 2020–21 PBS.

FIGURE 2: ARC outcome and programs

Outcome 1

Growth of knowledge and innovation through managing research funding schemes, measuring research excellence and providing advice.

Program 1.1

Program 1.2

Program 1.3

Discovery – research and research training

Linkage – cross-sector research partnerships

Excellence in Research for Australia

Administered expenses $484.5m

Administered expenses $326.5m

Administered expenses $3.1m


ARC Departmental

Departmental expenses $24.3m

Note: Budgeted expenses are as published in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2020–21 Education, Skills and Employment Portfolio.


The ARC Corporate Plan 2020–21 states that the agency’s purpose is:

To grow knowledge and innovation for the benefit of the Australian community by funding the highest quality research, assessing the quality, engagement and impact of research and providing advice on research matters.


The Annual Performance Statement in ANNUAL PERFORMANCE STATEMENT documents the ARC’s achievements against its purpose in the corporate plan, and outcome and programs in the PBS.