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Financial assistance agreements and progress

ARENA is required under the ARENA Act to publish details of financial assistance agreements and an assessment of the extent to which these agreements have progressed, or are expected to progress, the principal objectives and priorities as stated in the general funding strategy in force for the year.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Act 2011 also requires ARENA to report details of people to whom financial assistance is provided under a transferred Australian Government funding agreement or Australian Solar Institute agreement.

During the reporting period, 254 active projects were managed by ARENA. Of those projects, 28 were completed in 2018-19 and another five were terminated during the course of the year, two of which received no funding prior to the closure of the projects.

ARENA contractually committed funds to 79 new projects in 2018-19 (Table 38). As with previous years, some of the projects contractually committed during 2018-19 were approved by the Board in the previous financial year, while other projects approved by the Board during 2018-19 will be contractually committed in 2019-20. This is reflective of ARENA’s approval processes.

Details of all ongoing projects (including new commitments) during 2018-19 are provided in Table 39. One project that was completed in 2017-18 received a final payment during 2018-19 (Table 40).