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Statement of preparation

I, Martijn Wilder AM, on behalf of the Board, and in my capacity as the accountable authority of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, present the Annual Performance Statement of the Agency covering the 2018–19 financial year as required under paragraph 39(1)(a) of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act). In my opinion, the Annual Performance Statement is based on properly maintained records, accurately reflects the performance of the entity, and complies with subsection 39(2) of the PGPA Act.

ARENA's purpose

ARENA was established by the Australian Renewable Energy Act 2011 (ARENA Act) to improve the competitiveness of renewable energy technologies and increase the supply of renewable energy in Australia.

Our purpose is to accelerate Australia’s shift to affordable and reliable renewable energy.

Performance framework

ARENA’s performance is assessed against the measures published in the Portfolio Budget Statements and Corporate Plan.

The following text, tables and performance case studies provide performance results for each measure and an analysis of what these results indicate about ARENA’s performance in achieving its purpose.

About this Annual Performance Statement

This Annual Performance Statement has been structured to reflect the fact that the contributions particular activities or projects make to ARENA achieving its purpose occur over different timeframes. These timeframes reflect the earlier investment decisions and the multi-year nature of ARENA-funded projects and activities.

Section 1: Context

Sets the context for assessing our performance in 2018-19 and explains why this Annual Performance Statement focuses on ARENA’s contribution to improving the security and reliability of the electricity system.

Section 2: Performance Case Studies

Presents an assessment of the outcomes and impact that ARENA achieved in 2018-19 through performance case studies that draw on qualitative performance information to show how ARENA achieved its purpose.

The case studies cover three different approaches to improving security and reliability in the grid. Each case study describes the need for action, ARENA’s activities and the benefits generated by ARENA’s activities and ARENAfunded projects.

Section 3: Core activity areas

Presents the results achieved in three core activity areas: funding, knowledge sharing and collaboration. The section presents results for both activities and outcomes.




To improve the competitiveness of renewable energy technologies and increase the supply of renewable energy in Australia



Support improvements in the competitiveness of renewable energy and related technologies and the supply of renewable energy by administering financial assistance, developing analysis and advice about, and sharing information and knowledge with regard to, renewable energy and related technologies



To accelerate Australia's shift to affordable and reliable renewable energy





Putting our performance in 2018-19 in context

Performance Case Studies

Core activity areas - activities and outcomes





What we do to achieve our purpose and how efficiently we do it

All timeframes FY18-19 to FY21-22 except where stated

The direct results that our activities will produce

All timeframes from FY18-19 to FY21-22

The enduring, positive change that we will contribute to

Timeframes as stated1

Provide financial assistance and leverage private investment2

  • $m ARENA funds approved [$281 million total in 2018-19]3
  • Investment leverage4 by innovation stage5
  • Total third party funds invested
  • Number of projects approved
  • Commitments to contribute to Australia’s Mission Innovation target [ARENA 2020-21 R&D expenditure at least doubled from 2015-16]

More solutions for delivering secure, reliable and affordable energy and increasing the value provided by renewable energy

  • Number of completed proofs of concept, pilots and demonstrations
  • Improvements in technological readiness of R&D

Improved competitiveness of renewable energy technologies

  • Cost and/or revenue improvements for renewable energy technologies

Increase in supply of renewable energy

From 2018

Ongoing improvements in the competitiveness of renewable energy technologies

From 2018

Secure, reliable and affordable electricity system with a significantly higher share of renewable energy

From 2018

Increase in employment in renewable energy activities From 2018

Improvements in energy productivity enabling achievement or exceeding of targets in the National Energy Productivity Plan

From 2022

Commercial-scale export value chains in renewable energy established

By 2030

Administer financial assistance

  • Number of projects managed
  • Number of projects closed
  • $m payments made

Jointly manage Clean Energy Innovation Fund with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation

  • Number of projects funded by Clean Energy Innovation Fund; number originating from ARENA
  • $ value of projects funded
  • Investment leverage7

Provide information, advice and knowledge to advance renewable energy

  • Number of knowledge sharing products, by type (includes reports, presentations, blog posts, videos, policy submissions etc)
  • Number of knowledge sharing events delivered (includes virtual events e.g. webinars)
  • Number of ministerial and departmental briefs prepared

Industry and government better informed to navigate the energy transition

  • Third party recognition of value of ARENA knowledge sharing (e.g. citations of ARENA- provided information and supported projects in publications by relevant bodies (e.g. AEMO, AEMC), inclusion of ARENA in relevant working groups)
  • Number of users of knowledge sharing products (includes data on downloads, requests for products, reach of knowledge sharing events etc)
  • Proponent and other stakeholder feedback on value of ARENA knowledge sharing (via annual survey, and feedback from specific knowledge sharing events)

Collaborate with, and facilitate collaboration between, other persons, organisation and governments (including international collaborations)

  • Number of joint activities/arrangements undertaken or supported by ARENA including A-Lab activities
  • Number and type of meetings with governments

Increased collaboration on energy innovation

  • Number and quality of new partnership arrangements in the energy sector (including collaborations entered into by participants in ARENA-funded projects)


Activities and outcomes to be reported by investment priority, focus area, technology, location, sector, innovation stage, proponent type (where relevant)

1 Specified timeframes indicate when we would expect to see impacts occurring. Includes impacts from ARENA activities and outcomes prior to 2018-19

2 Unbold text describes an activity, outcome or impact

3 Bold text describes a performance measure; [Squarebrackets] describe targets

4 Ratio of ARENA funds committed to third party funds invested

5 Innovation stage denotes studies, R&D, demonstration, deployment

6 Reported as projects completed or terminated

7 Ratio of CEFC funds invested to third party funds invested