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Work health and safety

In accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act), ARENA aims to ensure - so far as reasonably practicable - the health and safety of the workforce (who are engaged by us or whose work is influenced or directed by us) and other persons who may be put at risk by work carried out as part of the conduct of ARENA’s business or undertaking.

ARENA considers health and safety throughout the lifecycle of the funding process and its officials promote a positive safety culture at ARENA. The Board closely monitors health and safety in both the projects it supports and in ARENA workplaces.

With respect to funded projects, ARENA’s standard agreement provides that recipients are to comply with and actively manage WHS risks; it further contains reporting and notification obligations with respect to WHS incidents.

The health and safety of ARENA’s workforce during day-to-day operations is safeguarded through ARENA’s Work Health and Safety Management System, while also supported by the Portfolio Department.

In respect of ARENA workers, no investigations were conducted and no notifiable incidents were reported during 2018–19. Reporting in respect of Departmental staff made available to ARENA is covered in the Department of the Environment and Energy’s Annual Report 2018–19.