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About this year's ARENA Annual Report

This Annual Report provides information about ARENA’s activities and achievements in 2018-19.

Results are reported against our objective and performance criteria, which are stated in the ARENA Act, our Corporate Plan and our Portfolio Budget Statement 2018–19.

We also describe our governance, management and accountability practices, our workforce and financial performance, and provide our audited financial statements.


Explains what ARENA does, why it was created and how it invests funds to benefit the nation.

Financial performance

Provides an overview of ARENA's financial performance.


A selection of ARENA projects that highlight how the Agency is playing a unique part in accelerating Australia's shift to affordable and reliable renewable energy.


Explains ARENA's governance arrangements.

Legislative, government and other information

Contains additional information that ARENA is required to report.

Financial statements

Contains ARENA's audited financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2019.

Annual Performance Statement

Provides our Annual Performance Statement, which describes how ARENA's activities in 2018-19 met the performance measures identified in its Corporate Plan and Portfolio Budget Statements.

Appendix 1

Provides funding and other information about ARENA's projects.

Appendix 2

Provides the mandatory tables that have been prepared for use in the Australian Government's new Transparency Portal.