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Engagement with our stakeholders

ARENA service charter

ARENA aims to provide a high standard of service to all its stakeholders, focusing on the achievement of honest and ethical working relationships that are underpinned by genuine consultation and feedback. As the Agency continues to help drive the development and deployment of renewable energy in Australia, it anticipates an increase in the volume of contact with stakeholders. ARENA aims to continue to deliver professional and timely services to an expanded customer base.

Complaints handling

ARENA has an established internal complaints and review process. Its complaints policy is published on the ARENA website, and provides for reviews of ARENA decisions and complaints about service quality to be resolved fairly. ARENA’s complaint-handling policy was recently reviewed and updated. Information on the complaints and review process is available at arena.gov.au/making-a-complaint.

Freedom of information

Australian Government entities that are subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) are required to publicly publish information as part of the Information Publication Scheme. All ARENA publications covered by the scheme are accessible from the ARENA website at arena.gov.au.

There were five requests for information related to ARENA under the FOI Act received in 2018-19. Information on how to make a request under the FOI Act is available on the Department of the Environment and Energy’s website at environment.gov.au/about-us/freedom-information.

Contact details are:

FOI Contact Officer, Department of the Environment and Energy


Email: foi [at] environment.gov.au, Phone: 02 6274 2098

Public interest disclosure

ARENA has a Public Interest Disclosure Procedure to address disclosures under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013. No disclosures were made in 2018–19.