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How we work

A photo of a female ARENA staff member smiling and looking at a male participant at one of ARENA's knowledge sharing events, who is talking to herImage credit: ARENA

ARENA’s values empower our people to take an agile, commercially-oriented and outcome-driven approach to achieving our purpose. A strong culture of mutual support, teamwork and collaboration has been central to our success.

As a small organisation we have developed a highly effective team-based way of working that enables us to make best use of complementary skills and Agency resources and to maintain high efficiency in our business activities.

ARENA’s team is skilled, productive and highly motivated, drawn from diverse backgrounds in the business, industry, finance, research and government sectors. We have expertise and experience in energy policy, Australia’s electricity market, energy technology and project finance.

The Agency also blends public and private sector expertise, balancing innovation and accountability in the design and delivery of ARENA activities.



We make a significant positive impact on Australia’s energy sector, economy, environment and society. We take a bold, innovative approach to give us the best chance of achieving our goals.


We are accountable to each other and, in following our processes, to the Minister, the Parliament and the Australian public. We work transparently to ensure public funds are spent in a responsible and efficient manner.


We deliver excellent service. Our approach is marked by responsiveness, clarity and flexibility.


We support and respect each other. We cultivate a diverse team to access the best talent, broaden our thinking and foster a culture of innovation.


We collaborate across teams and with our partners to achieve our goals.