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Safety and Wellbeing

Work, Health and Safety (WHS) incidents and identified hazards are provided weekly to the Senior Executive Team and regularly to the Board. No significant incidents were reported in 2018-19. ARPC appoints First Aid representatives and Emergency Wardens who are provided with formal training as required. ARPC undertakes the following activities to provide a safe physical working environment:

  • Provision of a strong protective physical security environment including air locks, alarms, and access controls
  • Ergonomic assessments and training
  • Appropriate precautions for preventing slips, trips and falls
  • Inspection and tagging of electronic devices
  • Inspection and testing of fire mitigation systems and equipment
  • Hazard awareness training and promotion of a safety conscious culture, and
  • Annual office inspection by employee representatives

In addition, ARPC is committed to the wellbeing of staff through a range of initiatives including:​

Wellbeing Committee

A staff-led Wellbeing Committee supported by HR coordinates a range of activities each quarter addressing topics of physical and mental wellbeing, professional and personal development and community service. During the COVID-19 pandemic, with all employees working remotely, the Wellness Committee was very active promoting both physical and mental wellbeing. The Wellness Committee organised the following activities to keep the team engaged, connected, and healthy:

  • ‘Sharing is caring’ posts – Microsoft Teams channel where team members post photos of what they have been doing as well as memes and items that colleagues may be interested in.
  • Trivia (fortnightly)
  • Daily riddles
  • ‘Feet unleashed’ – time to go for a walk – team members then post photos on the ‘Sharing is caring’ channel
  • Yoga and Yin Yoga – run by a staff member who is a qualified instructor
  • Fun ideas for weekly small group meetings – in addition to the weekly team meeting (hosted by the CEO), the team meets in smaller groups of 7 or so later in the week. The Wellness Committee has been designing team building activities for each group
  • Wellness information communications (emails/Teams messages)
  • Fun challenges, such as a step challenge and a pancake challenge
  • Virtual team building activities
  • Recipe sharing

Employee assistance program

Confidential counselling and support services are available to all employees and immediate family members through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Lifestyle payment

Non-executive employees have access to an annual payment towards positive lifestyle expenses through the Enterprise Agreement 2019-22. The lifestyle payment has 100 percent participation and is used by employees participating in a range of fitness and wellbeing activities.