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Non-executive employees

The ARPC Enterprise Agreement 2019-22 (the agreement) which sets out the employment terms and conditions for non-executive employees, came into effect on 3 May 2019. In addition to base salary, non-executive employees receive company superannuation contributions at 15.4 per cent of base salary. The base salary classification framework for non-executive employees can be found on the website at www.arpc.gov.au/resources-2/ips/arpc-pay-and-grading-structure-2019-2022/.

Non-executive employees who demonstrate outstanding performance or contribution are eligible to receive a performance bonus of up to 10 per cent of fixed remuneration. ARPC has implemented wage restraint measures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means there will be no bonuses paid for 2019-20.

Remuneration for other highly paid non-executive staff ($)

Remuneration Band

No. of Senior Executives

Short Term Benefits

Long Term Benefits

Total Remuneration

Average Base Salary

Average Bonuses

Average Other Allowances

Average Superannuation Contributions

Average LSL

Average Total Remuneration