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Ecologically sustainable development

ARPC continues to pursue initiatives designed to minimise waste, conserve energy and minimise water usage in the office, such as using electronic meeting papers, double-sided printing and scanning and energy efficient lighting throughout the office. ARPC’s premise has a NABERS 4.5-star energy and 4-star water rating (out of 6 stars).

The table below lists the strategies used by the building owners and ARPC to assist in reducing its environmental footprint.

Environmental footprint strategies


Sydney office

Energy efficiency

The Sydney Office has a NABERS 4.5-star energy rating. The building also implemented an elevator allocation system to increase energy efficiency.

Use of sensor lighting throughout the office.

Shutting down computers outside of working hours.

Purchasing and use of carbon neutral paper.


Using double sided printing or scanning to reduce the volume of paper used.

Recycling of paper, cardboard, print cartridges, plastics, glass E-waste and fluorescence tubes.


The building has been accredited with a 4-star water rating.