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In the reporting year, ARPC continued to review and improve its compliance plan and program of compliance testing. Regulatory compliance was further supported by a program of mandatory training for staff on relevant legislation and policies, routine information sessions for staff on relevant topics and a process of six-monthly attestations by all senior managers covering key legislation including the TI Act, PGPA, PGPA Rule, the Privacy Act 1998 and Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013.

Under the TI Act (section 40), the Board may delegate all or any of its powers or functions to the CEO or any person employed under the TI Act. Delegations made by the Board are documented and reviewed at least every three years.

ARPC’s annual report is prepared and provided to the Minister by 15 October each year in compliance with the PGPA Act (section 46). ARPC’s annual financial statements comply with accounting standards prescribed by the PGPA rules and are audited by the Auditor General as soon as practicable after preparation. The financial statements can be found in Chapter 6 of this document.

ARPC also prepares a Corporate Plan on a rolling four-year basis, in accordance with the PGPA Act (section 35) and provides it to the Minister and the Minster for Finance by 31 August each year.

Under the PGPA Act (section 39), ARPC prepares an Annual Performance Statement to report on progress against purpose, as stated within the preceding Corporate Plan. ARPC’s Annual Performance Statement is outlined in Chapter 3 of this document.