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Risk culture

ARPC has policies, procedures and activities to support a healthy risk culture which include:

Provide the right motivation:

Communicate the right message:

  • ARPC purpose and role
  • Employee induction
  • Clear accountabilities in position descriptions
  • Employee objectives, recognition and reward (remuneration and annual review)

  • Safetrac compliance training for all employees
  • KnowBe4 IT security training for all employees
  • Training by external providers, WiserLife and Bendelta
  • Employee workshops
  • Board and Audit & Compliance Committee reporting and action items
  • Strategic Internal Audit Program
  • Biannual fraud risk assessment
  • Employee training including training exercises for DTI scenarios
  • Employee engagement surveys and action plans
  • Employee pulse surveys

Take the right risks:

Establish the right environment:

  • Risk Appetite and Tolerance Statement
  • Risk register and controls
  • Key risk indicators and reporting

  • ARPC values
  • Code of conduct
  • Policies and procedures
  • Manager attestation processes