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Environmental Management

ARTC is committed to minimising the impacts of our activities on the local environments in which we operate.

Throughout the year, we continued to adhere to our Environmental Policy and pursued continual improvement of our Environmental Management System, which provides a structured framework for the consideration, management and reporting of environmental issues associated with our business activities.

We implemented a range of environmental initiatives during 2019-20, including:

  • Continued our focus on the re-use of waste materials, including waste ballast, spoil and timbers. To help facilitate this, we continue to hold Resource Recovery Exemptions with the NSW Environment Protection Authority.
  • Developed our Noise Prediction Tool to more efficiently and effectively assess noise impacts associated with our maintenance and construction activities.
  • Improved processes for our environmental impact assessment activities, which have delivered improved rigour and environmental outcomes associated with our maintenance and construction activities.
  • Increased our understanding of historic contaminated land on our network and developed effective working relationships with key stakeholders to benefit remediation activities.
  • Continued to review, update and develop training modules and resource materials for our people to underpin our environmental activities and initiatives.

To complement our Environmental Management System, we are also developing a series of Environment Principles, which will serve as the foundation for ARTC’s systems and behaviours regarding our environmental management practices in the future.