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Transmittal Letter

Readers Guide

Part 1: Overview

Commissioner's review

At a glance

About the Commission


Key management personnel

Organisational structure

Purpose, outcome and program structure

Part 2: Annual Performance Statements

Response to pandemic

Delivering for Australians

Professionalising the APS workforce

Statement of preparation


Reporting approach

Relationship between the Commissions 2019-20 Portfolio Budget Statements and the Corporate Plan 2019-20

Strategic priority one: ensuring good governance

Strategic priority two: lifting the capability of the APS

Strategic priority three: building the leadership for the future

Strategic priority four: providing stewardship of the APS

Strategic priority five: upholding the integrity of the APS

Strategic priority six: providing the right tools and workplace for our staff

Financial performance

Part 3: Management and Accountability

Corporate governance

Audit and Risk Management Committee

External scrutiny

Human resources management

Assets management


Outlook for 2020-21

Part 4: Financial Statements

Part 5: Appendices

Appendix A: Entity resource and outcome resource statements

Appendix B: Staffing profile

Appendix C: Work health and safety

Appendix D: Ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance

Appendix E: Advertising

Appendix F: Disability reporting mechanisms

Appendix G: Information Publication Scheme

Appendix H: List of requirements

Part 6: Reference Material

Abbreviations and acronyms



Part 7: Annual Report of the Merit Protection Commissioner