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Appendix C: Work health and safety

Executive Commitment

The Commission seeks to safeguard the health and safety of employees, workers and visitors by providing and maintaining a safe working environment. The Commission aims to eliminate all preventable work-related injuries and illness and is committed to supporting employee wellbeing.

Rehabilitation Management System

The Commission monitored and reviewed the rehabilitation management system in 2019–20 as part of the commitment to continuous improvement. This resulted in the engagement of a dedicated rehabilitation case manager.

Health and Wellbeing

Initiatives under the health and wellbeing program are developed in consultation with employees and the Workplace Relations/Workplace Health and Safety Committee. Initiatives in 2019–20 included:

  • continued availability of the Employee Assistance Program for employees and their families
  • mental health awareness sessions
  • resilience training for mental wellbeing
  • financial reimbursement for influenza vaccinations
  • reimbursement for employees requiring assistance to quit smoking or requiring glasses for visually demanding tasks
  • training of first aid officers including Mental Health First Aid Officers, to ensure that immediate assistance is available if required
  • workstation assessments, including providing special equipment to prevent injury and to support recovery for illness or injury
  • supporting employees requiring reasonable adjustment
  • early intervention support
  • promoting and facilitating flexible working arrangements
  • actively engaging with employee diversity and inclusion networks on matters including policy development and participating in key inclusion and awareness events, and
  • raising awareness of issues relating to family and domestic violence to ensure policies reflect best practice and that appropriate support mechanisms are in place.

Notifiable incidents, notices and investigations

In 2019-20 no notifiable incidents occurred under Part 3 or Part 5 of the Work Health Safety ACT 2011.