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Relationship between the Commissions’ 2018–19 Portfolio Budget Statements and the Corporate Plan 2018–19.








To position the APS workforce for the future

Shaping the APS workforce


  • Support the Government’s Reform Agenda
  • Foster an APS workforce that reflects the diversity of the Australian population
  • Support and guide workforce planning capability and practices
  • Improve the quality of talent management practices across the APS

Program 1.1—Australian Public Service Commission

This program contributes to the outcome through building capacity, driving productivity and performance, streamlining processes and reducing red tape and promoting integrity and accountability among the APS.

Program 1.2—Judicial Office Holders’ Remuneration and Entitlements

This program contributes to the outcome through facilitating the payment of remuneration, allowances and entitlements to Judicial Office Holders.

  • Shape the APS workforce
  • Modernise the APS employment framework to reflect changes to the nature of work
  • Build workforce capability in the APS
  • Promote a high standard of integrity in the APS.
  • Meet all requirements for the budgeting and reporting of Judicial Office Holders remuneration and entitlements.

Increased awareness and adoption of best practice public administration by the public service through leadership, promotion, advice and professional development, drawing on research and evaluation.

Modernising the employment framework


  • Partner with agencies to achieve compliance with the Government’s bargaining policies
  • Work with and influence agencies to modernise the APS employment framework and practices
  • Lead effective reform of the APS employment management policies

Building workforce capability


  • Build digital capability in the APS by partnering with the Digital Transformation Agency
  • Strengthen leadership and core capabilities by providing contemporary learning solutions
  • Support agencies to improve their workplace relations skills and performance
  • Promote best practice workforce planning to encourage effective monitoring and reporting on APS capability

Promoting integrity


  • Promote a high standard of integrity across the APS
  • Evaluate agency approaches to incorporate and uphold the APS values

Foundational objectives

  • Monitor and report on the APS workforce to inform workforce policies and practices.
  • Work with other governments on matters relating to public sector workforce management.