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Funding and financial performance

The Commission’s activities are funded through a combination of appropriation, MOU and fee–for–service revenue. Revenue is generated through the sale of leadership programs, learning and development courses, employment services and international capacity–building programs funded through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Much of this revenue is earned in a competitive market in which agencies choose the source and level of the services they purchase.

In 2018–19, the Commission received $21.3 million in departmental appropriation funding and $22.5 million in fee–for–service and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) revenue.

The operating result for 2018–19 was a deficit of $2.4 million. This result includes the effects of the government’s net cash funding arrangement, whereby depreciation expenses are no longer funded by an appropriation; and the impairment of software. Excluding these factors, the Commission delivered a balanced underlying operating result, through careful management of financial resources.

Payments of $4.1 million were made from the special appropriation for the Judicial Office Holders’ Remuneration and Entitlements administered program.

Departmental expenses were $2.2 million higher than the budget estimate as a result of additional fee–for–service income generating activities, and the impairment of software. Administered expenses were $0.1 million lower than the budget estimate.

Table 1 summarises the Commission’s financial performance for 2018–19. It should be read in conjunction with Table A2 (see Appendix A).

Table 1: The APSC’s financial performance summary, 2018–19


Budget estimate ($ million)

Actual result ($ million)


Program 1.1—Australian Public Service Commission



Total departmental




Program 1.2—Judicial Office Holders’ Remuneration, Allowances and Entitlements



Total administered



Total for Outcome 1