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Purpose, outcome and program structure

The purpose, planned outcome and corporate goals of the Commission are set out in the Commission’s 2018–19 Portfolio Budget Statements (available at www.pmc.gov.au) and the Commission’s Corporate Plan 2018–19 (available at www.apsc.gov.au).

The purpose of the Commission is to position the APS workforce for the future.

The Commission’s planned outcome is to increase awareness and adoption of best–practice public administration by the APS through leadership, promotion, advice and professional development, drawing on research and evaluation (Outcome 1, 2018–19 Portfolio Budget Statements). The Commission works to achieve this through two programs:

  • Program 1.1—Australian Public Service Commission
  • Program 1.2—Judicial Office Holders’ Remuneration and Entitlements.The Corporate Plan 2018–19 builds on and complements the 2018–19 Portfolio Budget Statements and identifies four corporate goals that reflect the priorities of Program 1.1:
  • modernising the employment framework
  • shaping the APS workforce
  • building workforce capability, and
  • promoting integrity.