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Organisational structure

Figure 2: Organisational structure at 30 June 2019

Figure 2 illustrates the organisational structure of the APSC Peter Woolcott AO, Australian Public Service Commissioner Mary Wiley-Smith, Deputy Australian Public Service Commissioner Linda Waugh, Merit Protection Commissioner Katrina Purcell, APSC Capability Review Richard Bartlett, First Assistant Commissioner Helen Bull, Group Manager, Strategic Policy and Research Susannah Luck, A/g Group Manager, Integrity, Performance and Employment Policy Liz Quinn, Group Manager, Leadership and Capability Patrick Palmer, Group Manager, Executive Remuneration and Statutory Office Marco Spaccavento, Group Manager, Workplace Relations Jacquie Walton, Group Manager, People and Business management Michelle Black, Chief Information Officer, Technology and Digital Strategy Caroline Walsh (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday), Terri Dreyer (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) Group Manager, Inclusion and Implementation Catherine Seaberg, Group Manager, Engagement and International