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List of requirements

Part of the Report


Location or applicability

Letter of transmittal

Page 1

Table of content

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Contact officers(s)

Page 135

Internet home page address and internet address for report

Page 135

Review by Chairman

Chapter 1


Chapters 1-3

Overview of authority

Chapter 2 and 3

Role and functions

Page 8

Organsation structure

Page 11

Outcome and program structure

Chapter 1 and 3

Report on performance

Review of performance in relation to programs and contribution to outcomes

Chapter 3

Actual performance in relation to deliverables and KPIs

Chapter 3

Narrative discussion and analysis of performance

Chapter 3 and 4

Purpose of the entity as outlined in the corporate plan

Chapter 1 and 3

Discussion and analysis of the Authority's financial performance

Chapter 5 and 6

Authority's resource statement and summary resource tables by outcomes

Pages 77-78

Corporate governance

Compliance with the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines

Page 61

Statement of the main corporate governance practices in place

Chapter 4 and 6

External scrutiny

Significant developments in external scrutiny

Page 64

Judicial decisions and decisions of administrative tribunals

Page 67

Reports by the Auditor-General, a Parliamentary Committee or the Commonwealth Ombudsman

Chapter 5

Management of human resources

Assessment of effectiveness in managing and developing human resources to achieve the Authority's objectives

Chapter 4

Statistics on staffing

Chapter 4 and 5

Statistics on employees who identify as Indigenous

Chapter 4

Enterprise or collective agreements, determinations and common law contracts

Chapter 5

Performance pay

Pages 68-70 Page 72


Assessment of purchasing against core policies and principles

Chapter 5


Summary statement detailing consultancy arrangements and confirming that information on contracts and consultancies is available through the AusTender website.

Chapter 5

Australian National Audit Office access clauses

Absence of provisions in contracts allowing access by the Auditor-General

Chapter 5

Exempt contracts

Contracts exempt from the AusTender process

Chapter 5

Financial statements

Chapter 6

Other information

Schedule 2 Part 4 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011

Chapter 5

Advertising and market research (Section 311A of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918) and statement on advertising campaigns

Chapter 5

Ecologically sustainable development and environmental performance (Section 516A of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999)

Chapter 5

Grant programs

Chapter 5

Disability reporting

Chapter 5

Information Publication Scheme statement

Chapter 5

The following list of mandatory annual reporting requirements, as outlined in the Resource
Management Guide No. 135 - Annual Reports for Non-corporate Commonwealth Entities
, has been annotated with the location of the information in this Report.