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Organisational changes

The 2019/20 year saw a number of changes to APRA’s operations, designed to better equip the organisation to identify emerging risks and meet future challenges. The most significant of these was the restructuring of APRA’s operations in late 2019 to create separate supervisory divisions for each of the regulated industries of banking, insurance and superannuation.

APRA also undertook significant work to further lift its management capabilities and supporting platforms to enhance the operational environment and quality of leadership within the organisation. A focus on recruitment delivered the additional expertise and personnel necessary to address areas identified as those where APRA needed to do more, especially with regard to non-financial risks.

During the year, APRA made two important appointments to its senior executive team:
Ms Suzanne Smith (Executive Director, Superannuation) and Ms Renée Roberts (Executive Director, Policy and Advice). These appointments completed a significant refresh of APRA’s leadership that has occurred in recent years and, together with the other members of the senior executive team, provide APRA with a strong and experienced set of leaders to steer the organisation into the future.