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APRA's organisation structure

Under the APRA Act, the APRA Members are collectively responsible and accountable for APRA’s operation and performance. APRA Members are appointed by the Governor-General, on the advice of the Australian Government, for terms of up to five years.

In the second half of 2019, APRA announced that it was making a number of important changes to the way it was organised. These changes were designed with two clear goals in mind: to respond to the changing operational environment, and to best position the organisation to deliver on the strategy outlined in APRA’s 2019-2023 Corporate Plan.

Those changes included:

  • a shift away from complexity and size-based supervision focused units to industry-based supervision divisions;
  • strengthening and intensifying supervisory attention on IT, cyber risk and GCRA;
  • a new Enterprise Services Division comprising APRA’s corporate functions, reporting to a Chief Operating Officer; and
  • a new Executive Leadership Team structure with revised governance and accountabilities.

APRA's organisational structure (as at 30 June 2020) Executive Director, Policy & Advice, Renee Roberts•	General Manager Policy Development, Katrina Squires (Acting)•	General Manager Advice and Approvals, Peter Kohlhagen•	General Counsel, Warren Scott•	Deputy General Counsel, Lucinda McCann•	General Manager Resolution and Enforcement, Chris Gower•	General Manager Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Melisande WaterfordExecutive Director, Banking, Therese McCarthy Hockey•	General Manager - Branch 1, Lara Douglas•	General Manager - Branch 2, Gideon Holland•	General Manager - Branch 3, Clare Gibney•	General Manager Credit and Market Risk, Paul TattersallExecutive Director, Insurance, Brandon Khoo•	General Manager - Branch 1, Nigel Boik•	General Manager - Branch 2, John Huijsen•	General Manager - Branch 3, Suzanne Johnson•	Head of Insurance Risk, Jonathan WoodExecutive Director, Superannuation, Suzanne Smith•	General Manager - Branch 1, Adrian Rees•	General Manager - Branch 2, Katrina EllisThe Banking, Insurance and Superannuation divisions are supported by the Supervisory Applications & Solutions team, led by General Manager, Sharyn ReichsteinExecutive Director, Cross-Industry Insights and Data, Sean Carmody•	Director, Special Projects, Heidi Richards•	General Manager Data Analytics, Alison Bliss•	General Manager APRA Conect Program, Doug Jenkins•	General Manager Operational Resilience, Bruce Young•	General Manager Accountability Regime, Raman Sandhu•	General Manager Governance, Culture, Remuneration & Accountability, Stuart BinghamChief Operating Officer, Enterprise Services, Steve Matthews•	General Manager People and Culture, Yvette Gray•	General Manager Corporate Affairs, Paula Hannaford•	Chief Information Officer, Chye Hew (Acting)•	Director of Strategy & Chief Risk Officer, Peter Rohde•	Head of Finance, Mike Goddard•	Head of Security and Information Governances, Mikhail Lopushanski

 John Lonsdale, Deputy Chair; Helen Rowell, Deputy Chair; Wayne Byres, Chair; Geoff Summerhayes, Member.
The APRA Members, from left to right: John Lonsdale, Deputy Chair; Helen Rowell, Deputy Chair; Wayne Byres, Chair; Geoff Summerhayes, Member.