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Waste and circular economy

Our waste volume reduction target is ambitious, and with the growth in eCommerce, our volumes have grown significantly. We are turning our attention to innovative ways to reduce our waste, by leveraging the procurement and customer onboarding processes. We are tracking well against our recycling target and continue to explore new ways to design out waste to meet our reduction target.

Waste target infographic

Digital payslips save trees
In 2021, we shifted the remainder of our workforce to digital payslips, enabling us to save the equivalent of 119 trees a year. This will also help us to use 1 million fewer pieces of paper.

Circular economy
As Australia’s largest logistics provider, we are committed to being an impactful enabler of the circular economy. We recognise that as a society we need to shift our existing consumption from take, make and dispose – to a circular economy where as much value as possible is retained from the resources and materials used.

That’s why we facilitate a number of returns programs through our extensive network, including MobileMuster, Cartridges4PlanetArk and Nespresso.

These are great initiatives, but we know there is always more to do, and we are actively exploring more ways we help facilitate more programs like these.