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Case study: The road to Perth Parcels Facility

Our network continues to evolve in line with the changing needs of our customers and when planning for new facilities, our Network Planning team undertakes extensive analysis. This is used to determine not only the location of a new site, but the automation and capability needed to keep our people safe, support the growth of our merchant customers, and serve the local community well into the future.
Construction on our new Perth Parcels Facility will begin later this year, but a significant amount of work has already been done to lay the perfect foundation.

Servicing the growing community of Perth and surrounding areas, the site will feature both large and small parcels automation and will have the capacity to process more than 14,000 parcels per hour. We will also have up to 200 delivery vans operating from the site delivering more than 35,000 parcels per day.

“Planning for any new site is exciting. We look at everything from the needs of our teams and customers along with population growth forecasts and then work with suppliers from around the world to find the best technology available that suits our operational needs,” said Rikki Richmann, Perth Operations Manager.

“ In the case of this facility, it’s a significant investment at more than $82 million, and it needs to be future-proof which is why our analysis and decision making has been based on the future needs of our business and our customers. ”
– Rikki Richmann, Perth Operations Manager