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Enhancing our technology

Post+ Program
The Post+ Program was established in 2019 to design, build and deploy a new point of sale platform for our Post Office network that is intuitive and consistent, making it easier for our people to serve our customers.

Development commenced in 2020 and a working group has been established made up of our frontline people, including Licensees, who will be using Post+ to inform its build. This valuable feedback is critical to ensure the final platform is fit for purpose and meets the needs of our people and customers.

Over the next 12 months, the program will be piloted in a small number of Post Offices, ahead of the full deployment to our Post Office network in 2023.

Reducing cyber security threats
The cyber security threat landscape continues to evolve, and many Australian and international organisations are at risk of cyber security incidents that can directly impact their business operations and information.

We are focused on protecting Australia Post and its information from cyber threats and continue to improve our ability to detect and prevent new threats from impacting our business. Through our ongoing cyber security program, we are enhancing our cyber capabilities and strengthening our controls and business resilience.

We also continue to improve our Cyber Education and Awareness program for our people and customers which is delivered through targeted cyber briefings, classroom-based cyber education and simulation activities.

Bring your own device
With such a significant number of new team members recruited to support us through peak, our technology teams developed a new solution to allow the rapid onboarding of the 1,500 operations team members who needed access to our scanning technology.

By leveraging our existing mobile device management platform and working with our scanning application vendors, the team were able to develop a new cost effective and secure ‘bring your own device’ solution for both Apple and Android devices.

This technology is still in use and is now part of our suite of device management tools and will be critical to our peak planning for 2021.

Event Management re-imagined
Capturing and storing our scanning data in real-time is critical to supporting our people and customers. The Event Management Reimagined program is creating a new scalable, cloud-based platform that will allow us to support growing eCommerce volumes. This new capability will allow us to track every item in real time as it moves through our network, giving us access to advanced analytics that can predict and inform decision making when identifying and addressing delivery issues.