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Delight delivered

The Delight Program continued to empower our people. The program specifically developed for Australia Post by Mary Gober International (MGI), provides our workforce with meaningful training developed to equip our people with a range of tools that can be applied in work and personal life.

Since the beginning in 2018 we have trained over 30,000 people. The training has been conducted across 200 sites, depots and offices by accredited MGI trainers. This cultural change program aimed at embedding a customer-centric mindset has helped drive an increase in customer net promoter scores (NPS). In 2021 we extended the program to our Retail network and as a result we experienced a three per cent increase in their NPS.

For the third consecutive year, our people across the country celebrated RED-dy week. Celebrating with red outfits, food and activities, our teams focused on the principle of Positive First Response – refreshing themselves on how they can react to situations, requests and challenges positively by using positive language and then acting on it.