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Case study: Tania and Louisa, delivering for their community

Principal Contractor duo Tania El Sabah and Louisa Harvey from Alexandria Delivery Facility together employ a team of sub-contractors. Though they have been delivering for many years they say the past year has been one like no other, with increasing parcel volumes helping their small business thrive.

“When COVID started we saw this increase in volume and our challenges became a lot different to what they had been two or three years ago,” said Louisa.

“With a lot of our customers in isolation we had to plan how to be efficient, how to get that product to the customer but also keep our drivers safe.

"At that point Post were so understanding, and for the first time in years we feel like we’re a team, ” said Tania.

“ We’ve been in business for 30 years and we want to stay around for the next 30 years, ” said Louisa.

“ We’ve got a great team, it’s a family business and we will keep running it until we have kids and pass it on to them ”
- Tania El Sabah, Principal Contractor